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Saturday, March 10, 2012

UK privacy watchdog slams Google's new privacy policy as too vague

Washington, Mar 10(ANI): Britain's privacy watchdog has slammed Google's new privacy policy as being "too vague" and claimed it does not comply with the Data Protection Act.

Deputy Information Commissioner David Smith criticized Google at a conference in Westminster.

"Google's privacy policy is too vague.The requirement under the UK Data Protection Act is for a company to tell people what it actually intends to do with their data, not just what it might do at some unspecified point in future," The Telegraph quoted Smith, as saying.

"Being vague does not help in giving users effective control about how their information is shared. It's their information at the end of the day," he added.

His comments echo those of the French privacy watchdog, CNIL, which had called on Google to delay the unveiling of new policy.

European Commissioner Viviane Reding had earlier accused the firm of "sneaking away" citizens' privacy and warned that "we aren't playing games here".

But Google argued that its new privacy policy is easier to understand than over 60 policies it has replaced.

The new policy gives Google powers to pool personal information from search Gmail Maps, YouTube and dozens of other services to create a single profile of a user's interests to target advertising. (ANI)



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